I hope this answers some of your curiosities. I will add more to the list if I receive more questions in the future.

Q: What media/materials do you use?
A: I use Copic markers, Winsor & Newton watercolours, Canson watercolour paper, waterproof black ink pens of various sizes, a Bamboo tablet for digital works and Photoshop for adjustments after scanning. I usually work on A4 sized paper since it’s more convenient and easier to store.

Q: How long does a drawing take?
A: It really depends on the drawing complexity and my mood. I can take from 1/2 hours on a small illustration to a few days on a full and complex piece. It also depends on the deadlines. I tend to work faster on commissioned works to avoid making people wait too long. On the other hand, on personal drawings I tend to procrastinate a lot and end up taking days to finish complex drawings.

Q: How often do you draw?
A: I really enjoy drawing! Usually I try to make at least one sketch a day when I’m not working on complete pieces. Still, with college projects sometimes it’s really difficult to get free time to make decent drawings!

Q: What do you do during art blocks?
A: When stuck on what to draw, I tend to look at artbooks and pictures from other artists I have stored on my computer. If the inspiration does not come, I take a break and draw again some other time.


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